Monday, February 21, 2011

"Take a Look at This, and Weep for Your Country"

So writes reader danightman, sending along this — FBI Translator Submitted Report Entitled "Kamikaze Pilots" to Bureau 5 Months Before 9/11 Warning of Al Qaeda Attacks on U.S. Cities.

Our reader writes: "And I wouldn't necessarily blame Bush, as is the reflexive liberal response. The permission occurred under Clinton as well, and a shadow government that can kill a President would have no qualms about setting up another as a scapegoat if the truth became known."

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Blogger Bad Catholic said...

My general conclusion is not that there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of government but that the entire American government is composed of arrogant idiots regardless of what party is in power.

Even though the intelligence was in place, there was no intelligence at the top. I suspect that the top officials arrogantly assumed that the terrorists wouldn't really do it.

In 1941 the Roosevelt administration knew that an attack from the Japanese was imminent, but they assumed it would come in the Phillipines or Guam. Nobody dreamed that the Japanese would attack Hawaii. I suspect that the 9/11 attacks were a result of the same mentality.

I believe that we are once again victims of complacency rather than conspiracy.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Bad Catholic,

It is not simply arrogance, since that is all over society and expresses itself in a multitude of ways. This is an expression of a political agenda and set of very negative goals toward an empire instead of a republic, and a tyranny at home.

Conspiracy comes from the Latin phrase "to breathe together." There is a group of people in government that breathe together a dark sophistry of self-apotheosis. That is, they desire to build up government into "the manifestation of the divine on Earth" that Hegel believed was the goal of the dialectical process of conflict creation.

Of course, even a "bad catholic" should ponder over the application of St. Paul's words about the powers and principalities that are the true "world rulers of this present darkness," and how they apply here.

Those rulers do rule by the sophistry and malice of some, the blind arrogance of others, and by the willful obedience of many. By this rule, evil has been done in this country; the question now is how to we restore justice and liberty to our nation?

Our nation is closer to a Roman Empire than the Roman Republic our founders admired. What then is the solution to make a country where the state does not see itself as ultimate?

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, do not forget that, whether in FDR's day or in ours, for a super-sized government "War is the health of the state," and men are considered disposable.

Stephen Hand provides a very good essay on what happens when the state becomes ultimate.

11:03 PM  

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