Friday, February 25, 2011

"Would Any Father Do This to His Children?"

So asked a witness to this offensive, absurd, and revolting suggestion "that Afghans caught up in a coalition attack in northeastern Afghanistan might have burned their own children to exaggerate claims of civilian casualties" — Petraeus's comments on coalition attack reportedly offend Karzai government.

The general should be relieved of his command and immediately sent home, along with every one of our boys and, to our shame, girls. Then, he, and his commanders-in-chief, should be tried for war crimes and possibly executed.

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OpenID occultrick said...

Presumably burning a living child would be no more difficult than performing an abortion.

Further, if one's child had already been starving to death, one might suffocate it with a pillow and then burn the corpse.

In all likelihood, of course, the USA uniformed military and the USA-paid independents like Xe probably collaborated to kill civilians.

10:20 PM  

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