Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Egypt and Beyond

  • "Rendering a decade of U.S. policy irrelevant, the people of the Middle East are transforming the region themselves," writes Andrew J. Bavevich — They're doing it without us. "Relying on their own resources and employing means of their own devising, the people of the Middle East intent on transforming that region have effectively consigned the entire 'war on terror' to the category of strategic irrelevance."

  • Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng argues that "in China the stage is set for a new popular uprising" — Egypt and the fears of Beijing: a revolution in China is inevitable — and South Korea's conservative daily has some speculation — Can the 'Jasmine Revolution' Spread to N.Korea? South Korea's Minister of Unification Hyun In Taek doesn't think so, reports North Korean defector Kim So Yeol — Minister Thinks Wind Won't Blow in NK.

  • Speaking of China, and moving to Libya, Pepe Escobar says, "The blood on the regime's hands as well as the humbling courage of the Libyan people, are self-evident" — Gaddafi goes Tiananmen. He also reports, "You know the (ghastly) show may be over when Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, one of the most popular Sunni authorities in the world, not least because of his weekly show on al-Jazeera, issues a fatwa - 'I am issuing a fatwa now to kill [Muammar] Gaddafi'" — 'Brother' Gaddafi, you're going down.

  • As inviting as that fatwa may be, it is up to the Libyan people, not the American government, to answer it, with Daniel McCarthy suggesting that "the Libyan slaughter is creating an opening for those who would have liked to stage-manage the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions to impose some 'control' on unrest in the region" — Tiptoeing to War with Libya — and Justin Raimondo calling the same "their only hope of salvaging our Middle East empire" — Interventionists Target Libya.

  • And maybe it's not about "democracy" after all, with reports of "monarchy-era flags flying from government buildings" at home — Libyan city dubbed 'Free Benghazi' as anti-Gaddafi troops take control — and abroad — Libyan protesters raise old monarchy's flag from embassy in Stockholm.

  • Speaking of America, let us not forget reports from back home — Thousands Protest After Wisconsin Governor Threatens to Deploy National Guard to Intimidate Unions — and opinion from a conservative Wisconsonian that "[u]nions are needed as a check on corporate power, because if you’re someone who gets money or derives power from others, chances are you’re going to screw people" — Apocalypse Wisconsin.
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