Friday, February 25, 2011

Blame Class, Not Race

Bunky Mortimer may well be right in suggesting that "when Western womanhood is gang-raped by dark people, networks become very nervous," and that "a good many Westerners cannot quite imagine under any circumstances being swept up into a 'rape mob'" — Why Egypt Is Silent.

But I'd hazard to say that a good many Middle Easterners of the right class could not imagine "being swept up into a 'rape mob'" either, and conversely that a good number of lumpenproletariat Westerners could, given the right circumstances, quite easily find themselves forming a "rape mob" of their own. I've spent most of my adult life overseas, among Latins, Muslims, and Confucians, and find it far easier to get along with the better elements of those societies than with the degraded elements of my own.

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