Friday, January 14, 2011

What's Your Foreign Policy Worldview?

"Did you ever wonder why there are so few fundamental differences between Obama and Bush?" asks Michael Lind — The five worldviews that define American politics. The Bush-Obama régimes (and the sixteen before them) have put into practice what is "more or less the official ideology of the political and corporate and financial establishments, [which is] shared by centrist New Democrats as well as by most Republican conservatives in their practice as opposed to their preaching," i.e., "neoliberal globalism."

The other four options, three of which are just as sinister, are "social democratic liberalism, populist nationalism, libertarian isolationism and Green Malthusianism." Our true policy should be the following:
    Libertarian isolationism: Libertarian isolationism draws its adherents from both the left and the right. According to the libertarian isolationist interpretation of history, the U.S. changed from a decentralized republic into a militarized, authoritarian empire in the late 19th century, when the Spanish-American War made the U.S. a colonial power and trusts and cartels took over the economy. Every president since McKinley, they believe, has been a tool of a self-aggrandizing crony capitalist oligarchy, which exaggerated the threats of Imperial and Nazi Germany and Japan and the Soviet Union and communist China and now of Islamist terrorism in order to regiment American society and divert resources to the bloated "military-industrial complex." If the libertarian isolationists had their way, the U.S. would abandon foreign alliances, dismantle most of its military, and return to a 19th-century pattern of decentralized government and an economy based on small businesses and small farms.
Yes, the great Grover Cleveland, who "opposed imperialism, taxes, corruption, patronage, subsidies and inflationary policies, while adhering to the principles of classical liberalism," was the last president of the Old Republic.

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