Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Like Ike

"Although Eisenhower warned us about the military/industrial complex he could not foresee the dramatic impacts of America's drive toward empire on foreign policy and public life," says CounterPuncher Harry Targ of a president who "was unalterably opposed to the militarization of the U.S. economy" and "resisted the demands from Beltway liberals and defense contractors to double military spending" — 50 Years Since Ike's Warning.

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Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

It was precisely because of his experiences as a war-leader that Ike had the wisdom to be aware of the danger of the military industrial complex. Ike was a leader in the model of a classical Roman soldier. He was a warrior, but not committed to war, a professional soldier who sought peace and security but not at the expense of liberty. And he understood the danger of military power, as well as the risk of not having a strong military deterrent. He was in almost all respects one of the most balanced president when it came to foreign & military policy.

I like Ike too!

2:55 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

Very well said. It is interesting that today, using the term "military-industrial complex" is likely to get one labelled a leftie wingnut, when it was a most conservative president who coined the term in a most conservative time.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

Indeed. Ike is almost the perfect exemplar of a conservative president, in both the ideological and temperamental understandings of "conservative." He was not a libertarian, but he also was no authoritarian. And it is amazing that his insights are now so far outside the pale of acceptable discourse. A sign of the degeneracy of our times...

Another great conservative of that era who would be branded a crazy radical today is Robert Taft. Along with Alexander Hamilton and Barry Goldwater, Taft is a key member of the Right who never was elected president, but who helped to govern the country and shape future events.

10:57 AM  

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