Monday, January 10, 2011

Snooki, the Immaculate Conception, and Me

    I believe it’s written in the book of Revelation that when an over-tanned, drunken dwarf named Snookie rises from the north shore with tetherball-sized silicone ta-tas, gets on TV and parades her pertinacious perversions to American tweens, and said tweens actually take notes during this porn show in order to imitate this wanton wench the following weekend, then my brethren, the end has officially come and the moon will be turned into blood.
Thus begins Doug Giles's exegesis on "Revelation 6:66" — Snookie’s Smut or Cowboy Values?

I normally don't link to such so-con o tempora, o mores laments, but since my knowledge of Snooki was deemed important in a job interview with an American university, located appropriately enough in Rod Serling's hometown, I feel the licence to comment. I could only anser in the affirmative thanks to Gerald ""America has become Snooki stupid" Celente. I had placed the job search intention under the Immaculate Conception, and Nicole Polizzi was the welcome negative answer I got.

What gets me about this entity is that she is neither attractive nor talented in any way. Sure, after several beers at a party she might look halfway okay, but how is it that American university students are going crazy about her, as my interviewer informed me? My own school's biggest moment was the 1988 American debut of Sinéad Marie Bernadette O'Connor. The Irish lass, though bald, was not only far more attractive than the New Jersey trollop, she also had talent as a singer and songwriter, althought not in her later incarnation as a theologian and "Catholic" priestess.

I confess to not getting it. How is it that Americans are now enthralled by "celebrities" who are in no way different from and certainly in no way better and in many ways worse than themselves? It seems we no longer want people to look up to but rather to look down upon.

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Blogger papabear said...

I don't know if it is purely for the sake of watching "drama" or if it is because such viewing feeds narcissism or the aspiration to be a celebrity. MTV hq should have been the target of a attack by Muslims who hate American culture.

Mr. Snyder, are you thinking of relocating with the family to the US?

9:50 AM  
OpenID danightman said...

I confess to not getting it. How is it that Americans are now enthralled by "celebrities" who are in no way different from and certainly in no way better and in many ways worse than themselves?

At least the advantage of the superhero, such as Batman or Superman, or the science-fiction hero such as Captain Kirk was that you at least could look up to them. Back in my childhood (how old that makes me sound), we had people like Neil Armstrong as heroes, real adventurers who went to the Moon and back.

I think its the deliberate dumbing down of mainstream America by the elites that is the problem, and behind that the poisonous ideas that motivate them and bind them to the powers and principalities that the real world rulers of the present darkness.

I am beginning to suspect that the cause of much of the modern insanity, especially that of Jared Lee Loughner, the attempted assassin of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Gifford (D-Tucson).

You might do well to examine the information he left on Youtube and those sites that mirrored what he had on Facebook before it all gets shoved down the Memory Hole so they can set up their "Right wing fanactic" version of him to intimidate Tea Party folks, Pro-lifers, and Ron Paul supporters. The actual data seems to reveal an extreme form of Narcissism and Nihilism that sees the outside world as a fantasy, to the point that, where he says his hobby is "conscious dreaming", you being to believe that he thinks this world is the dream!

I rather suspect this person may be criminally insane, and needs medical help. What he'll instead get, I suspect given the "hang-em high" attitude of US justice these days, is shoved into the darkest supermax hole in the American Gulag Archipelago. You're hearing talk of this being "an attack on our institutions," as if this is an act of war instead of insanity.

I doubt they'll be much forgiveness, or even the thought of such, extended to this man even if he is proven criminally insane.

10:24 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

papabear, yes, we are thinking of relocating to the US, but it's not that easy.

danightman, well said. It's clear this guy was a nutcase, but that's not stopping the distortion campaign.

9:56 AM  
Blogger love the girls said...

I was looking for something on goth dress a few months back and she came up on a youtube. I had no idea who she was and thought it a homemade video, but my impression was, this girl's got talent and charisma.

10:40 AM  

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