Friday, January 21, 2011

Responding to Amy Chua and Her Detractors

  • "I find myself fairly ambivalent about Chua’s ideas and those of her critics," writes Stephan Kinsella, arguing that "Chua has some good criticisms, but neither she, nor her critics, are approaching the issue of child rearing and education from any systematic, well thought out perspective" and suggesting "a similar list... for a state-hating libertarian parent" — Battle Hymn of the Libertarian-Montessori Father.

  • "Missing from Chua’s work—and the comments of her critics—is any sense of a fuller purpose to human life," writes Mary Hasson, arguing, "The measure of our parenting [sic] success is not what our child does or achieves, but what kind of person he or she becomes" — Tiger Mother and her critics: both wrong.
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