Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Girls in Uniform (and Body Bags)

  • "The truth is ugly and liberals don’t want to concede the argument that there are genuine differences between men and women, that the system is stacked against them and its uncomfortable to advocate a woman’s right to go overseas and impinge on another’s right to live like a human being," says's Kelly Vlahos, who also notes that "pro-war right wingers (many of whom resist the idea of women in co-ed combat) don’t want to concede that the military is anything but a virtuous pillar of American life, and that the war is just as virtuous, and winnable, and unfettered by human weakness" — Women in Combat: Equal Opportunity Meat Grinder.

  • Alternative Right's James Kirkpatrick calls this "[t]he final blow to what remains of the theoretical case for American conservatism," suggesting "that every traditional institution in the West has been fatally compromised by egalitarianism and radical leftism, and that ultimately modern conservatism serves as nothing more than the defense of the liberal establishment" — GI Jane.
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