Friday, January 28, 2011

Lang Lang and Barack Obama

"This week’s storm in a teacup was when Chinese pianist Lang Lang played the Chinese song 'My Motherland' at a US state dinner for visiting Chinese functionaries," John Derbyshire reminds us — The Multicultural Cringe. Some excerpts:
    The pathology on display at that White House event was not Lang Lang’s. He’s a normal, well-adjusted human being. The abnormality was in his being asked to play for the visiting ChiComs. At a nation-to-nation event like that, a self-respecting host would put his own nation on display to the visitors....

    Why did Obama and his staff bring in a Chinese national to entertain the visiting cadres? You know perfectly well why.
The Derb says that it is none other than "the same impulse that drives Obama to bow to emirs and sultans," and which I remind you also drives him to bow to Eastasian leaders as well. The funny thing is, Mr. Obama's efforts at Multikulti, as the Germans call it, only go to show what a clueless, stereotypically dumb Uhmerican he is. Heads of state over here never bow to one another. It's called protocol.

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