Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inspector O, Where Art Thou?

Another plug for my favorite detective series to accompany defector Kim So Yeol's report on "cases of high officials having accidents while drunk driving after attending parties hosted by Kim Jong Il" — Cloak and Dagger on the Pyongyang Streets?

On a related note, a report on the heroic journalists at Rimjingang, "the only publication written by North Koreans, about North Korea, for consumption by the outside world" — N.Korea's Brave Underground Journalists Make Headlines.

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OpenID danightman said...

The Chinese streets are a free-fire zone with all the cars out on the roads. Crytogon has a video on this with the headline "GM sells more cars in China than the US."

Apparently the concept of stop signs and right of way elude mainland Chinese drivers. That may be no small part of affairs in Pyongyang, and perhaps more so. On that, however, I can only conjecture.

11:25 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

The idea of "right of way" hasn't made many inroads in Korea, either. Also, stop signs and stop lights are considered by most people optional.

The Asian approach fails miserable with cars, but works quite well with motorbikes, as I write in this perhaps my best piece of writing -- Anarchy, or Spontaneous Order, on the Streets of Saigon.

1:47 AM  

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