Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glaspie's Green Light

  • "The revelation... puts the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in a decade of post-war sanctions and the even greater numbers killed in the 2003 US invasion in a new, decidedly unseemly light," writes Jason Ditz, also calling it "doubly shameful when one considers that, just a week after Glaspie’s reassurances the US embarked on a policy of hostility and sanctions that continues to this day, has cost over a million lives and still has 50,000 US troops inside Iraq" — Glaspie Memo Refutes Claims Leaked Docs Were Classified for ‘Security’.

  • "We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait," Laurence M. Vance quotes Ambassador April Glaspie as telling Saddam Hussein, continuing, "Secretary Baker has directed me to emphasize the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960s, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America" — The Twenty-Year War in Iraq.
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    Blogger Francis Xavier said...

    This reporting is dishonest.

    Iraq and Kuwait had numerous extant feuds; the islands, slant drilling, debts, in which the Kuwaitis were the bastards, and Ms. Glaspie arguably at best gave him the green light to settle some of them in which the Kuwaits were the bad guys.

    Hussein, however, was the sort of many to customarily take a mile when given an inch.

    There was much jubilation in the Arab world when the Kuwaitis, generally not much loved, were taken down a few inches.

    11:34 PM  

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