Thursday, January 20, 2011

The End of Civilian Rule in America?

Acknowledging "the many failings of military leadership," Scott Locklin predicts "eventual military coup and Caesarism in our future" — No Way Out, Period. More:
    In the event of total economic collapse, the Army will still be there, and it will run the country. Whatever you think of the present use of the military, and however silly its genuflections to the false gods of liberal multiculturalism, it is the only large group of effective people left in America. Academia is a joke, the legal professions hopelessly corrupt, and the last vestiges of the manufacturing economy are mostly military. We can only hope such a coup would be led by good and decent men who look after the interests of the nation as a nation; an American version of Park Chung Hee or Lee Kuan Yew perhaps.

    Mind you, I don't want this to happen: no sane person does, but I think it will happen, because Caesarism is how late societies fall apart. One doesn't need to be a Spenglerian metahistorian to recognize this is the direction in which we are headed, if we aren't already standing at the breach. One need only look at how the youngest generation is being raised: either future criminals surrounded by chaotic non-families; or coddled, drugged numskulls whose every waking moment is directed by their parents. The young today already live in a totalitarian state; I'm certain they wouldn't have it otherwise as adults. The rest of us are so cowed, we don't even notice that we already live in a police state. Modern nations consist of many centers of power. Which one do you think is least incompetent?

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Blogger Tracy Fennell said...

Doesn't the author of the article assume that the military is an "effective" organization, one that gets stuff done? I don't know if this is an unqualified truth. How successfully are they doing anything now? I'd say they are only a reflection of the nihilism/apathy/whatever it is with America as a whole.

1:21 AM  
OpenID danightman said...

Re: Tracy,

That's perhaps the scariest notion about this: that there really are no "effective" people halfway interested in running the country in our interests when the SHTF.

In that case, we left at the "mercy" of the global elitists and the CIA (aka the Folks at Langley, the Company, or America's Praetorian Guard). And that's enough to make even a military coup look downright pleasant.

8:27 AM  

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