Friday, January 14, 2011

The End of Childhood Disease!

Or rather, the end of children with childhood diseases — Test could screen for more than 400 childhood diseases. Now, if only Partial Birth Abortion could be extended a few precious minutes, the world could be rid of conditions resulting from traumatic birth, like Cerebral Palsy, and the able-bodied would no longer have to suffer the displeasure of seeing less-than perfect children.

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Blogger love the girls said...

Interestingly enough, back before Roe, what was being proposed was that personhood not be granted until six months after birth so parents could have time to decide it they wanted to keep the baby.

That was back in the days when baby killers stood tall and proud, not shying away from fetal experimentation on fully developed living babies, or children if they thought they could have gotten away with it.

And that pioneering spirit, I have no doubt, will once more boldly return as we slink further from the light of civilization.

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