Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christian the Lion

Paul Craig Roberts recounts his remarkable tale — A Brief for Animals:
    We have the case of Christian the lion, the cub rescued from Harrod's department store in London by two Englishmen who raised an African male lion in their London apartment and exercised him on the Church green.

    When Christian became too large to continue living in the London flat, the Englishmen consulted an expert, transported Christian to Africa and released him. A year or so later, the room mates who had raised Christian missed him and returned to Africa to find him.

    They were warned by conventional wisdom that Christian was now wild and would be a danger to them if they encountered him.

    As the videos available on youtube show, when the men found Christian the lion was overcome with joy and lavished affection on his friends. Christian was forming a pride, and the wild lionesses were content with the human company and to be petted by men. The video shows them all--Christian, lionesses, cubs, and men curled up together taking a nap. has many videos — Christian the Lion. Read's verdict on the story — Lion Hug.

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