Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chris Littleton, Patriot of Little America

    Why are we still fighting the Korean War? Why do we have troops in over 150 countries? We have no business playing world police: let’s get out of the world police business.
Thus spake the above-named "co-founder of the Ohio Liberty Council and a committed member of the 'Tea Party' movement" reported on by Justin Raimondo in his latest — The Tea Party, Foreign Policy, and the Politics of Real Change. Mr Raimondo's conclusion:
    While it is true that some of the most militaristic, nationalistic, and downright unpleasant elements in American politics are to be found on the right side of the political spectrum, there, also, are some of the most hopeful signs of growing resistance to the Warfare State. This is a paradox all too many “progressives” cannot get their minds around, because it defies the dominant left/right paradigm – a way of looking at the world that is outmoded and irrelevant, but, like many dead and useless ideas, persists way beyond its expiration date.

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