Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blessed Pope John Paul II

News about which I should probably be more excited — Beatification of John Paul II on May 1st. Fitting that this is the result of a "miraculous cure of a nun suffering from Parkinson's disease" and that "[t]he choice of the date of the ceremony, which will be celebrated by Benedict XVI, is particularly close to John Paul II, who dedicated the Second Sunday of Easter to Divine Mercy, and died April 2, 2005, the eve of the feast."

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Holy Father, God please forgive me for my areas of weakness and helplessness regarding feeling my own country attacked me. Have mercy on me. And please help me with that Spirit of Unforgiveness and I lose my home, my dogs, my life here as US Citizen that was invalidated, and violated, my career destroyed as an RN, because of their attacks to me. I am trying. Thank you, Father for your forgiveness and my ability to speak the truth. Also, Father please BIND evil spirits that were sent to me and I keep rebuking that devil. But does he hold political office in the US like in Ephiasians? If a Pope can hide the truth possibly, that's what all the fuss is about right? Why wouldn't a President? Please help me with that injustice and allow me comfort and peace. BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Blogger Francis Xavier said...

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Blogger Francis Xavier said...

Putting people on the road to recognized sainthood - most saints are not recognized - is not only a matter of recognizing the person's heroic virtue, but also a deliberate political decision to spend the resources on that person's cause. (Congregations keen to have their founder or a noted member canonized have been told the best thing they can do is send more money.)

Coming so soon after whole dioceses had to declare bankruptcy, and after church after church closes, this seems tacky; defining sainthood down.

The curia can be counted on to go all out to get conservative popes canonized; Pius X's rapid canonization helped to protect many careers.

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Blogger said...

There are a couple of things that disturbed me about the reign of JPII. You may disagree, but I think a lot of Catholics that know about it feel unease about it.

One was the kissing of the Koran. I have heard various reasons for it, but I am not satisfied with any of them. If the Koran is good enough to kiss, why not open the book and learn about God as he is presented there? Is Mohammed a man of God or a false prophet? A Catholic cannot have it both ways. Frankly, either Mohammed is a false prophet or Catholicism itself is false. That is why this action of JPII was very disturbing. This may be treading on a taboo, but the pope was elderly, and he may not have been thinking straight.

Actually, there are a handful of other things, but they are of a similar nature to the above, so I will not bother with them.

But the question remains - should Christians kiss the Koran? Worship in synagogues? Accept questionable pagan practices?

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