Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Antiwar Right's Moment?

"News that a clear majority of conservatives want to reduce the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, plus reports of an emerging right-left coalition against the war, have served as hopeful signs in the heretofore quixotic pursuit to arrest the giant gears of the American war machine," writes Antiwar.com's Kelly Vlahos — The Battle for Conservative Hearts and Minds.

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Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

Reality intervenes. There just isn't enough money left to keep engaging in these foreign wars. They have to be wrapped up ASAP. We are broke. There is no more money. The credit cards are maxed out and the cupboard is bare. If we are going to get serious about our budget problems, we have to trim our defense budget -- and the wars are costing too much cash. That, and the military is getting depleted as a result. Too many deployments for individual servicemen and women, too many tours through the combat zones. I think that reality's intrusion is what is getting many on the Right to re-think their views on U.S. military involvement overseas.

1:26 AM  
Blogger love the girls said...

Wow. That is great news. Not only for the wars, but also because it might actually portend a trend.

2:42 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

Let us hope so. I have to say, having cut my teeth on the Left, I'm not optimistic, but as a Catholic, I cannot help but be hopeful.

10:35 PM  

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