Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Writing on the Wall for P'yŏngyang?

  • "There are some unusual signs now that it's difficult for Kim Jong-il to make all the decisions alone as before," said a North Korean source, who "speculated that the process of transferring power to Kim Jong-un is going badly," quoted in this article — Signs Suggest that N.Korean Regime Is Cracking.

  • Defector Im Jeong Jin quotes another source, speaks of a "prophecy, which was left by Kim Hyong Jik [Kim Il-sung's father] when he was alive, [which] says that 'What is awakened in the father's generation, is implemented in the son's generation, and thrives in the grandson's generation,'" — Prophecy of Doom Creating Problems. "The people are saying to each other, 'Now, Chosun is down to the great-grandson's generation, which means only disaster is left'."
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