Wednesday, December 8, 2010


  • "For an international outcry so concerned about 'the law,' there has certainly been a variety of extra-judicial attempts to kill the messenger," notes Kelly Vlahos — Assange headed for Gitmo?

  • "In a society hypersensitive about gender issues to the point of psychosis, a rape accusation is perhaps the worst claim you could lodge against someone short of adding that their victim was underage," observes Jim Goad, noting that he has not been accused of rape, but "the words 'Assange' and 'rape' have been irrevocably wed online" — Julian Assange’s Honey Trap: That’s Rape in Sweden.

  • "Had we had an equivalent of WikiLeaks back in 1941," suggests Srdja Trifkovic, "FDR would have found it much more difficult to maneuvre the country into being attacked in the Pacific in order to enable him to fight the war in Europe, which had been his ardent desire all along," noting that "[o]ne leak—just one!—almost torpedoed Roosevelt’s grand design" — WikiLeaks, 1941.
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