Friday, December 3, 2010

What WikiLeaks Tells Us About the Korean Conundrum

Peter Lee argues that "North Korea is desperate to establish relations with the United States" and that "South Korea, under President Lee Myung-bak, wants the North to collapse and to dominate the reunification process" — Dear Leader's designs on Uncle Sam. The "two significant North Asian takeaways from the WikiLeaks cables" he identifies are the following:
    First, South Korean government officials are indefatigably, crudely and rather transparently "working the refs" - selectively packaging and vociferously pushing their arguments - to persuade the United States to abandon mediation through the People's Republic of China (PRC) and/or negotiation with North Korea and instead put South Korea and its reunification agenda in the diplomatic driver's seat.

    Second, the United States has enough information to view the South Korean representations critically and, probably, skeptically.
Sounds like the very definition of the "foreign entanglements" the Founders warned us against.

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