Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Since When Was Opposition to the Four Rivers Project an Article of Faith?

"It is long tradition of the Church for an individual bishop to respect the agreement and decision among bishops, though his individual opinion is different," say the loony priests quoted in this article — Korean priests demand Cardinal Cheong resign.

Why? "Cardinal Cheong last week criticized the bishops’ stand on the controversial Four Rivers Project," suggesting "[i]t is 'not religious people,' but scientists who should say whether the project is thoughtless or not." The backstory — Seoul cardinal ‘at odds’ with bishops over dams.

As I wrote more than two years ago, "Korea's Catholic priests could forcefully preach Catholic teaching on the intrinsically evilness of abortion, contraception, and sterilization," all of which are "greater existential threat[s] facing Korea than Samsung, Mad Cow Disease, the Grand Canal" — Have Korea's Protesting Priests Chosen the Right Fights?

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