Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Second Korean War?

  • "If through an overly aggressive deterrence posture war breaks out, millions on both sides could die [and] the two generations of sweat and tears that drove South Korea's economic growth could be undone," reminds Andray Abrahamian, rightly concluding that "it is absolutely inappropriate for foreign Korea-watchers to call for greater aggression in confronting the North" — Pyongyang stretches deterrence limits.

  • "The extent of possible South Korean air strikes on the North is not clear, but anything other than an extremely limited and localized action is likely to trigger total war," warns Gregory Elich, "a war that the U.S. will inevitably be drawn into" — Menacing North Korea.

  • "In implementing live fire training from the 6th, South Chosun is making an open attempt to attack our republic once again, but supposing just one of the puppet’s bombs falls on our territory, we will take Seoul out," said a chairwoman of a people’s unit meeting held in a neighborhood of Hoiryeong on the evening of the 5th, according to Yoo Gwan Hee's source in the North — We Will Take Out Seoul!

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