Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Remembering Richard Holbrooke

  • Thomas Fleming remembers "one of the architects of a US foreign policy that has targeted Christians around the world for extinction–in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in East Timor, and in Iraq, where the last remnants of an ancient Christian community are being extirpated" — Richard Holbrooke, RIH. "The United States is engaged in a Holy War, a Zionist Jihad to destroy Christianity."

  • "Apologies to those who think it is boorish to speak in anything but the most glowing terms of dead 'giants,'" says Ray McGovern; "however, the stakes are so high that it will dishonor all those at risk, if we yield to convenient convention" — 'Giant' Holbrooke Failed on Afghan War. The author concludes that "amid the eulogies for Holbrooke, it may be time to insist that – regarding the 'small' people, not just the 'giants' – attention must finally be paid."
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