Thursday, December 2, 2010

Questioning WikiLeaks

  • The American Conservative's Daniel McCarthy, wisely "keep[ing] a half-closed mind," examines "speculation that the latest WikiLeaks dump might have been selected to further a foreign agenda" — If WikiLeaks Is a PsyOp, Whose PsyOp Is It?

  • "Getting American threats on record, while pretending to deplore the loss of secrecy, could be a potent weapon," suggests The National Interest's Jacob Heilbrunn — Are the WikiLeaks Actually An American Plot?

  • The Telegraph's Richard Spencer's notes that "the leaks reflect far worse on Middle Eastern regimes, including but not only Iran, than on the United States," and "set out extremely clearly the thinking underlying US government policy – including rationales that cannot usually be given publicly for fear of offending allies or revealing secrets" — Is Wikileaks a front for the CIA or Mossad?

  • Finally, questioning of the questioning — Wayne Madsen claims Wikileaks is part of U.S. cyber-warfare operations. But is this misinformation?
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    Blogger Pints in NYC said...

    Great anthology. Please post updates re: this.

    I have my suspicions about this as well.

    Here's one of many: Why the DOJ is only now considering to investigate this as a criminal matter, 6 months after their first dump of military intelligence for which nothing was done, is very odd.

    12:25 PM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    Very odd indeed. Thanks for fueling my suspicions.

    7:56 PM  
    Blogger Francis Xavier said...

    The DoJ would not be expected to prosecute betrayals of military secrets, unless civilians are proven to be involved; that's the domain of the DoD, once known as the War Department.

    11:30 PM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    Alexander Cockburn reports an ominous development:

    "Asked how the US could prosecute Assange, a non-US citizen, Holder said, 'Let me be clear. This is not sabre-rattling,' and vowed 'to swiftly close the gaps in current US legislation…'"

    Read more:,news-comment,news-politics,alexander-cockburn-julian-assange-wanted-by-the-empire-dead-or-alive-wikileaks#ixzz1C0HCP3CE

    6:29 AM  

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