Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Our Lady of the Massacre"

"The October 31 attack on the Syriac Catholic cathedral in Baghdad, with 58 dead and many dozens wounded," recounted minute-by-minute by Sandro Magister and Marco Pedersini — In Baghdad, an Encore of "Murder in the Cathedral":
    The attackers were wearing explosive belts. They opened fire and threw grenades shouting, "You will all go to hell, but we to paradise. Allah is most great."

    During the five hour attack, the terrorists prayed twice and recited the Qur'an as in a mosque.

    They devastated the altar, used the crucifix for target practice, and terrorized the children simply because they were "infidels."

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Blogger xavier said...


Well no surprise about them using the crucifix as target practice, Moslems are deeply fearful of it but can't give the reasons why even they understand its authourity.

And Moslems wonder why we're beginning to detest them.
What disgust me evenm more deeply is hwo utterly blasé our governments are. When Iraq was finallyt occupied, it should've been broken up like it was before Churchill drew the map of present day Iraq. It would've saved everyone so much grief


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