Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Richard Holbrooke Anti-Eulogies

  • "It was Holbrooke, one of the chief architects of the Kosovo war, who midwifed the KLA regime in Kosovo, and created a gangster state," reminds Justin Raimondo — Holbrooke’s Legacy. "If Holbrooke meets the victims of his friend [Kosovo prime minister and mafia boss Hashim] Thaci in the afterlife, he’ll have a bit of explaining to do. Where Holbrooke is going, however, I doubt they’ll let him have many visitors."

  • "He was 'synonymous with American foreign policy,'" agrees Srdja Trifkovic; " indeed: he was a coarse, arrogant bully who understood diplomacy as the art of imposing one’s will at the point of a gun" — Richard Holbrooke: An American Diplomat. "Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke was a bad man advocating and implementing bad policies."

  • Diana Johnstone remembers the "lies and deceptions in Holbrooke’s manipulation of Balkan woes, as well as his totally cynical exploitation of the tragedies of Vietnam, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan" — Holbrooke or Milosevic: Who is the Greater Murderer? "Moral monsters do not always make a great impact on history, when they are merely the vain instruments of a bureaucratic military machine running amok."
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