Saturday, December 11, 2010

Katherine Dalton on Bill Kauffman's Latest Book

"Out of the Cimmerian political fog in which we live, rising like an eidolon rived from the center of the gelid dark, this paen to the fissiparous sounds a tocsin of old, and contumaciously tossing aside the cerecloth of our not-dead-but-sleeping Republic, it disdains the mingy orts and crusts tossed to quiet us by the yeggs who offer us nothing but a Connecticut nutmeg in exchange for the auric freedoms our forefathers bequeathed us in this our virid and pleasant land–our United States (takes a plural)," she writes, noting the author's "love for a ten-dollar word," quoted by Jeff Taylor — On the Porch with Bye, Bye, Miss American Empire.

Mt two cents on the book, whose "topic, I thought, might be too narrow compared to the previous works of his I'd read," but "was wrong," finding it to be "perhaps his best book to date" — More of Bill Kauffman's (& Robert Frost's) "Insubordinate Americans". My Kauffman library:

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