Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Islamic Suicide Bombers and Western Cultural Suicide

Andy Nowicki argues that the "new study which claims that Middle Eastern suicide bombers are more sad sacks than wild-eyed fanatic" is filled with "reductive categorizations [that] wrongly assume the mores of the contemporary West to be universally normative" — Suicide of the West An excerpt:
    We live in a culture in which scantily-clad or naked women are commonly flaunted on billboards, magazine covers, and television screens; in which tight jeans, bikinis, and miniskirts are common public female apparel. Our culture indulges, where it doesn't actively encourage, teenage sexuality and premarital cohabitation; our public schools hand out condoms to sixth graders; our ruling class presses us to view religiously-informed sexual restraint as a malignant and dangerous condition, requring psychological intervention.

    A culture with values like these without question will produce a very different type of man than a culture which requires women to wear veils, forbids sexually explicit material in all media, and fiercely denounces sexual intercourse outside of wedlock, under penalty of death.

    Likewise, a secular culture which sees religious doctrine as largely irrelevant, a "whatever works for you" proposition where flexible principles are the only "must"; which views "living the good life" (however defined) as the highest possible good, while shunning talk of death as depressing, will in all probability NOT churn out a generation of men willing to blow themselves to smithereens, not even for the posthumous reward of getting to carnally enjoy seventy Mylie Cyrus or Taylor Swift clones for all eternity.
"There is only one really serious philosophical question," said Albert Camus, "and that is suicide."

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Blogger Terry Nelson said...

So we should air drop massive amounts of Prozac to Islamic countries? It doesn't work in the West. No - Islamic suicide bombers are so not suffering from depression. Drugged up people are unable to process religious devotion and zeal.

11:52 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

The article and the blurb I quoted make it clear that the author agrees with you that "Islamic suicide bombers are so not suffering from depression." He is instead focusing on the West's utter lack of anything approaching "religious devotion and zeal."

Instead of "air drop[ing] massive amounts of Prozac to Islamic countries" it might be easier (and cheaper) to just stop dropping bombs on them. We might also remember that the suicide bombers we've had in the West were there at our own invitation.

The "Invade the World, Invite the World" policy has failed. It's time for disengagement.

4:37 PM  

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