Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Leader or Young Leader?

"Kim Jong Un in Europe (or Kim Il Sung in Jilin?)," readers the caption to the "picture of what could have been the first painting of Kim Jong Un" discussed by Rüdiger Frank — Harbinger or Hoax: The First Painting of Kim Jung Un? Some speculation:
    The painting shows a young Korean man standing at a lake (or a river) in what could be Europe, with a large Gothic cathedral in the background. He stares into the direction of the rising sun -- east, where his home country is located. Or is it west, where the sun sets? His face shows a mix of sadness and resolve. His cap is almost identical to the one worn by Kim Il Sung at that age in paintings and photographs. The suit is of the style that was worn by Kim Il Sung and others during the colonial period (1910 to 1945) and thereafter. At first, most experts (including myself) thought: This is Kim Jong Un in Switzerland. Or is it another Kim Il Sung painting?
I lean toward the explanation that "the building on the picture could be the Catholic Church at the bank of Songhua River in Jilin city, China," and thus depicts the Great, rather than the Young, Leader. This post of mine has some background — The Dear Leader and Holy Mother Church.

[link via ROK Drop]

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Blogger Kalim Kassam said...

Thanks for that corrective. I read the original Globe and Mail article analyzing the painting with great interest, and it didn't raise the possibility that this might be Jilin. Looking at photos of the Catholic Church there and with the additional nuggets you've provided that seems a most likely explanation.

7:10 PM  

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