Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Trade Isn't Free

Labor playwright David Macaray examines "what’s euphemistically known as 'free trade'" and reminds us that "it was organized labor who instantly saw these bogus treaties for what they were" — The Trade Deal With South Korea. An excerpt:
    First of all, free trade isn’t free. Although the word “free” happily connotes an enterprise that’s unfettered and unrestrained, these treaties—cruelly and ironically—are the opposite of that. They are rigidly delineated, highly regulated and carefully monitored by their signatory governments and, more importantly, by the corporations they represent.

    Second, free trade isn’t fair trade. Those who profit from these agreements are the governments who approved them, the corporations who brokered them, and the Wall Street banks who financed them—not the workers who produce the goods. All one has to do is look at the current labor battles in places like Bangladesh, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and India to see that these arrangements are creating victims, not “partners.”

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