Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Stories

  • Leave it to the World Socialist Web Site to have one of the most moving stories of the season, sent along by a reader — Striking DSO musicians perform for Detroit homeless.

  • The same reader sends along this story with some surrealistic video of the struggle against Herod's heirs — 'Santas' scuffle with Israeli security forces

  • That last story is echoed by these posts from Patroon and Maria Elena Vidal respectively — War on Christmas – Israeli style and St. Nicholas in Modern Turkey.

  • Andy Nowicki reminds us that "the campaign against Christmas is a mere skirmish in the more widespread war against the West" and that "the war against the West is largely being waged by ... Westerners" — The Abolition of Christmas.

  • Charles Lewis on beings that "played key roles in the formation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam" but who "have been ripped from their Biblical and theological roots, and made palatable figures who emphasize feel-good spirituality over reliable Old Testament wrath and New Testament gallantry" — Christmas Unwrapped: How angels fell from their pedestals.

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