Thursday, December 16, 2010

The American Way of War

The American Conservative's Brad Birzer calls Tom Englehardt's book a "soul-searching, illuminating, and often depressing look at the unholy ménage of Demos, Leviathan, and Mars" — Evil Empire.

"How far and fast we’ve fallen since the relatively peaceful days of the Reagan era," observes the reviewer. "Four interventionist administrations later, we find ourselves as the leaders of international vice and terror. What happened, Englehardt asks, to the republic our Founders bequeathed to us? What have we done with and to our inheritance?"

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Blogger Tiago said...

"Relatively peaceful days of the Reagan era"? The administration that brought us the Nicaraguan anti-Sandinista and Iranian Contras?

The days under Reagan were peaceful in the United States, maybe; but in Southwest and Southeast Asia and in Central America, it was a decade of genocide and civil war not infrequently backed by the US on one side and the USSR on the other...

1:53 AM  

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