Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yŏndo, the Korean Church's Traditional Office for the Dead Chant

Father Maryknoller in Korea follows his post about one doctrine that "Catholics feel proud of when introducing Catholicism to Protestants" — Purgatory Makes It Easy on God — with a post about "[a] beautiful custom that, thankfully, does not seem to be changing with the times" — Office for the Dead: Korean Rap! "Father, how is it that 200 hundred years ago our ancestors were able to make this calm and beautiful rap?" asked a young Korean-American upon first hearing the yŏndo. "This was the period of the persecutions, wasn't it?"

I've posted about this custom before, and my participation in it — Korea's Inculturated Office of the Dead. Follow the link for some videos, or watch this one, for the soul of one Elizabeth Cho:

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