Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks Dump Link Dump

  • Asia Times Online's Pepe Escobar says that "far from being a security risk, these leaked cables mostly just reveal the world of international politics as a tawdry reality show" — The naked emperor — but Madame Secretary of Statism is upset that the "tawdry reality show" has been exposed for what it is — Clinton accuses WikiLeaks of ‘attack’ on the world.

  • Lots of news from this corner of the world, some of it interesting — Kim Jong-il an unhealthy US obsession, WikiLeaks cables show / Leaked cables discuss Kim’s health, N.K.’s future / `SK mulled economic incentives to China for reunification` / Unhappy China Seeking "Not to Drive Kim Mad" / WikiLeaks: China, North Korea Not As Cooperative As Presumed.

  • Re: Iran, David Lindsay says, "I hope that the Israelis and the American neocons are very proud of the company that they are keeping: several of the most repressive, backward, misogynistic, Jew-hating and anti-Christian regimes on earth, with which they have lined up to demand the nuking of an emerging democracy with a high culture, with more women than men at university, and with reserved parliamentary representation for Jews, for Armenians (how different from NATO, and putatively EU, Turkey) and for Assyrians (how different from 'liberated' Iraq)" — The Circling Hawks.

  • Finally, Mark Shea notes "that the Wikileaks dump shows the US was blindsided by the election of Ratzinger" — Minor historical footnotes that tell me a lot...
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