Thursday, November 25, 2010

What'd da Pope Say?

  • "In the great condom debate, no change in the Church’s beautiful but difficult teaching," says Fr. Joseph Fessio — Pope's publisher defends Benedict XVI's condom remarks. "But, Fr. Fessio, that’s impossible. This is some Jesuit trick. You Jesuits have always been defenders of the popes, even the worst of them. You even take a vow to say what looks white is black if the pope says so. We know your game. You’re not fooling us." (You said it, Father.)

  • "I've been tempted to comment, like everyone else on earth with functioning fingers and Internet access, on the unfolding story of Pope Benedict XVI's comments regarding condoms," says John Zmirak, continuing, "But for once I don't know exactly what I think" and "I am so sure I could be wrong, even I'm not all that interested in my opinion" — The Ghetto Is the Future.

  • "It is crazy to believe that Benedict XVI can decide the fate of millions of Africans with one comment about condoms," says Tim Black, noting that "some of the Catholic Church’s biggest critics have at last found cause to sing the pope’s praises" — Praising the pope, patronising Africans.

  • "[W]hen thinking about any particular problem, the first thing that one should not ask oneself is, 'what does the Pope say?'" rightly says Arturo Vasquez, continuing, "That’s just Jesuitical crap" — Sh*# my Pope says.
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    Blogger love the girls said...

    When I read comments like this by John Zimrak : "I felt relief. What ran through my mind was, "Thank God. That's one fewer subject on which faithful Catholics have to seem like unbending, moralistic freaks.""

    "This warm, vague sense of normalcy I'm getting must have been what Catholics felt when John F. Kennedy ran for president."

    I'm always reminded of this passage in Brideshead Revisited :
    ""I wish I liked Catholics more."

    "They seem just like other people."

    "My dear Charles, that's exactly what they're not--particularly in this country, where they're so few. It's not just that they're a clique--as a matter of fact, they're about four cliques all blackguarding each other half the time--but they've got an entirely different outlook on life; everything they think important is different from other people. They try and hide it as much as they can, but it comes out all the time. It's quite natural, really, that they should.""

    The difference appears to be that Waugh was comfortable in his own Catholic skin, while Zmirak is not.

    2:02 AM  

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