Monday, November 29, 2010

Three From Alternative Right

  • Keith Preston explains that "common opposition to leftism, particularly in its present day 'cultural Marxist' manifestations, would explain why the alternative Right includes, on religious matters, Catholic traditionalists, proponents of Orthodoxy, Protestants, atheists, pagans, Nietzscheans, and Evolans," and "why our ranks include both proponents (e.g. Austrians) and critics (e.g. Catholic distributists or the European New Right) of capitalism, and proponents of political systems ranging from authoritarianism to anarchism to monarchy to theocracy to constitutionalism to ethno-states" — First Principles: Right and Left.

  • "Development is a byproduct of the Western liberal ideology, which is founded on doctrines of equality and progress, the former of which implies a totalitarian mindset while the latter implies a linear conception of history," argues Alex Kurtagic, asking "why do sub-Saharan Africans need to be 'developed'" — Africa Must Deindustrialize. "The nation states created there by the European powers must be allowed to disintegrate, and Africa as a whole must be allowed to re-organise along traditional, tribal lines."

  • "A [British] white extremist organisation is forging links with Jewish, Sikh and gay communities to fuel prejudice and fear and hatred of the Muslim community," reports Keith Preston, suggesting that the group "appears to be less concerned with developing a serious and reasonable defense of Western cultural heritage than in crude, philistine Islamophobia resembling that of American neocons, combined with the hoary leftist habit of denouncing everything to the right of Leon Trotsky as racist, fascist, sexist, and homophobic" — Nativism Goes Left.
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    Blogger あじ said...

    And I suppose Europe should be deindustrialized and returned to its tribal roots as well? Goths, reassert yourselves! Saxons unite! Hail the chieftan and slay the capitalist invaders!

    4:39 AM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    I certainly disagree with the author's idea that "sub-Saharan Africa needs to be declared a natural and anthropological reserve," I would like to see Africa be able to organize herself on her own terms.

    10:59 AM  
    Blogger あじ said...

    I too would like to see Africa self-organize. I'm pessimistic about that happening anytime soon.

    1:17 PM  

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