Friday, November 5, 2010

South Korea Outranks Switzerland, France, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, Denmark, and All but Eleven Other Countries...

... on this list — Norway best, Zimbabwe worst places to live - U.N. Here's the full list — Human Development Index (HDI) - 2010 Rankings. Number twelve on the list is not bad considering that when I arrived here in 1997, it was quite common for Koreans to lament their status as a "developing" or "third world" country.

It is also pleasing, but not surprising, that America, despite the United States government, still ranks fourth place. What's wrong with you, Canada, ranked eighth? (Growing up just south of the border, I never had anything but positive feeling toward our neighbors to the north, until moving to South Korea, and encountering Canadian nationalism abroad. Still, I'm a big fan of Canada.)

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