Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rand Paul Said What?

Pass the smelling salts, a statement "signaling that cooperation with Democrats isn't high on his agenda" — Rand Paul: Divided government isn't a bad thing. Specifically, the senator-elect said that while people "complain a lot about gridlock," the most fiscally conservative government "is always divided government."

He's right, of course, as the late, great Joseph Sobran wrote when he expressed bewilderment that "the same liberals who think business monopolies are sinister think monopolies of political power are progressive" and who "complain about 'gridlock' — a cliché that shows they miss the whole point of the enumeration and separation of powers" — How Tyranny Came to America. (As an aside, while a return to constitutional government would be welcome, imagine how glorious the gridlock would have been had the Anti-Federalists won out over the "Energetic Government" contained in the Constitution for the United States of America!)

I have little hope, though, that there will be any gridlock when it comes to the greatest of government programs. The un-American Empire will continue to enjoy bipartisan support as it sucks the life-blood from what's left of the country.

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