Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quit Korea

"The best way to deal with the problem is for the United States to withdraw all its troops from the Korean peninsula and let those most affected by Pyongyang’s behavior—South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia—deal with Kim as they deem fit," suggests Srdja Trifkovic — Time To Leave Korea.

"The U.S. withdrawal from the Korean peninsula should be accompanied by a quiet nod to Seoul to go ahead and develop its own nuclear deterrent," he continues. "Back in the 1970s the Ford Administration induced South Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program in return for not withdrawing American soldiers. Now is the time to reverse the sequence: Washington should grant a free nuclear hand to Seoul in return for the U.S. withdrawal."

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Blogger Francis Xavier said...

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4:53 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

I have to disagree and agree "with this man with an unpronounceable name," if only on this count. As he says:

"American withdrawal would prompt South Korea finally to become a mature, self-reliant regional power fully responsible for its self-protection, as befits one of the most highly developed industrial economies in the world. It would also force it to diversify its portfolio of foreign contacts, possibly leading to a Russian-South Korean or a Chinese-South Korean alliance, either of which is preferable to an open-ended American guarantee."

Preferable to them and preferable to us.

(Also, China doesn't feel the need to have troops stationed all over the world exerting influence; she has independent businessmen, running restuarants, hotels, mines, etc. Personally, I've stayed in Chinese-run hotels in places as far flung as Belize City and Phnom Penh.)

As far as what you write abhout Israel, well said. I think "this man with an unpronounceable name" is scarred on this one.

1:22 AM  

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