Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mother Teresa International Film Festival

"The situation in which Mother Teresa lived and worked is familiar to us and that’s what makes her a special role model for us," said Manik Sarkar, leader of the Tripura State’s Marxist government at the launch festival; "Ultimately it’s all about loving people" — Marxist declares Mother Teresa a role model.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta has had this effect on Indian Marxists before: "She makes me a bad Marxist since she makes me believe in godliness," said the late veteran Marxist leader and former West Bengal Chief Minister, Jyoti Basu — Mother Teresa's communist soulmate dead. Strange. In the West, we have leftists like Christopher Hitchens and Shining Path condemning her and her tactics because they merely ameliorate poverty, rather than eradicating it, as if that were possible.

Speaking of film, watch Olivia Hussey play the tile role in Madre Teresa (TV 2003) here, in the original English, com legendas em portuguêsMadre Teresa de Calcutá.

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