Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Mar Azul" Sung by Cesária Évora & Marisa Monte

A haunting morna duet from the reigning queens of Música Caboverdiana and Música Popular Brasileira to accompany this review of a book on a body of water the author calls "an industrial ocean of cold and iron and salt, a purposeful ocean of sea-lanes and docksides and fisheries, an ocean alive with squadrons of steadily moving ships above, with unimaginable volumes of mysterious marine abundance below," as well as "a focal point, an axis, a fulcrum, around which the power and influence of the modern world has long been distributed" — Unfathomable depths.

For whatever reason, I try to post only live performances, but if music videos are your thing, there's this — Cesária Évora - Mar Azul. The lyrics:
    O... Mar, detá quitinho bô dixam bai
    Bô dixam bai spiá nha terra
    Bô dixam bai salvá nha Mâe... Oh Mar
    Mar azul, subi mansinho
    Lua cheia lumiam caminho
    Pam ba nha terra di meu
    São Vicente pequinino, pam bà braçá nha cretcheu...
    Oh... Mar, anô passá tempo corrê
    Sol raiá, lua sai
    A mi ausente na terra longe... O Mar

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