Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't Cry for Me Sudan

A documentary that "tells the story of the Salesian missionary in Sudan who died last January at the age of 48" — In two months, 120,000 S Koreans won over by documentary about Fr Lee Tae-suk. More:
    "Don't cry for me Sudan" tells the story of Fr John Lee Tae-suk, a South Korean missionary, who was a medical practitioner before he took the cowl. He died on 14 January of this year at the age of 48 from colon cancer.

    After his ordination in 2001, he travelled to Tonj, a town in southern Sudan deeply affected by war. Since then, he was priest, doctor, teacher, musician, showing loving care to everyone. He also founded a hospital, a school and a youth movement.

    On his deathbed, he invoked the figure of St John Bosco. His last words were “Don’t worry. Everything is good.”
Peter Kim has a (the?) video and more — Don't Cry, Tonj. He writes:
    I share with the Sudanese children the valuable memory of being truly cared and loved by foreign missioners. I got baptism and first communion from American Maryknoll fathers. They are so humble priests who have dedicated their lives for Koreans suffering from aftermath of war, poverty, and political turmoils. I am happy to see Catholic Koreans now go abroad and do the same charity work the foreign missioners have done to them.

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Blogger Peter Kim said...

I am not sure it is exactly the same documentary with the one played at movie theatre. Both of them seem to be filmed by the same producer, though.

12:55 PM  

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