Thursday, November 18, 2010

Culture and Modernity

Patrick Deneen argues that "the modern world is unfriendly toward culture, and in particular, its dominant political philosophies have combined to displace culture from its ancient place of pride, to eviscerate culture in any meaningful sense and to leave behind a disordered set of fragments that we now call 'multiculturalism'" — In Defense of Culture.

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Blogger mcmlxix said...

If one definition of culture is that of a set of narratives, then yes, modernity is hostile to culture. This is because of modernities record of homogenizing, centralizing, and redacting narratives to the point of error. The result are narratives that no longer tell people (accurately or at all) where they've been and who they are.

I wrote this based on the title; then I read the article for which I have two more responses.

"The ceremonial acknowledgement of adulthood." I think that our culture has abandoned this practice. More and more live in a state of perpetual adolescence which in turn makes successful marriages and families nearly impossible. But modernity has a 'solution' to that too...the social state.

"Cultural diversity in the truest sense results from internal standards and practices within cultures, and cultures collectively and cohesively provide definition of their beliefs, their practices, their customs, their ways of life." I've long thought of culture being a coherent tapestry. In modernity unwanted threads began to be pulled from that tapestry leaving it no longer coherent. Those threads were then rewoven into some kind of Frankenstein monster.

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