Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Collateral Damage in Mr. Bush's "Crusade"

"Iraqi Christians fear they will be the first victims of a war that might dismember their country, unleashing ethnic and religious conflicts that Baghdad had previously suppressed," wrote Wayne Allensworth "just days before President Bush ordered the invasion," Patrick J. Buchanan quotes and notes — The Murderers of Christianity. Mr. Allensworth continues:
    "Tariq, a Christian merchant in Baghdad, told the French weekly Marianne that ‘If the United States goes to war against our country … (t)he Wahhabis and other fundamentalists will take advantage of the confusion to throw us out of our homes, destroy us as a community and declare Iraq an Islamic nation.’"

    “If recent history is any indication, Tariq has cause for concern,” wrote Allensworth. “The Shiite uprising in southern Iraq during the first Gulf War — encouraged and then abandoned by Washington — targeted Christians. Many Christians had supported Saddam’s regime, in spite of creeping Islamicization, as their best hope of survival in the Islamic Middle East.”
"'We let the Shia genie out of the bottle,' said a rueful Yitzhak Rabin after Israel’s invasion of Lebanon gave birth to Hezbollah," quoted Mr. Buchanan, continuing, "We Americans did the same with our wars against Saddam’s Iraq."

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Blogger Francis Xavier said...

When the Holy Father cordially receives and blesses the convert Tony Blair, whose own advisers informed him that the invasion would be a war crime, and who did not meet his obligations to the Iraqi people to maintain order in the weeks after the invasion, as he ought have according to the laws of war, he really should know that he is putting Iraq's Christians into an unenviable position.

I still do not understand why he did so.

6:34 PM  

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