Monday, November 1, 2010

Liberal and Illiberal Education

  • "What are colleges for?" asks David L. Kirp "Research, economic advancement, or making students more interesting?" — Higher Expectations.

  • "Far too many people equate the pursuit of advanced educational degrees with intelligence and an increased likelihood of success," writes J.S. Kim; "To contend that someone that attends Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton or the University of Pennsylvania is more intelligent than someone that did not attend these universities encapsulates society’s mistake in how it perceives 'intelligence'" — Entrepreneurship Can Save America.

  • "Russell Kirk warned decades ago that our universities were turning into 'certification factories,'" reminds Tertium Quid — Credentialed rather than educated... "Does anyone study the breadth of Western languages, literature, history, and science today?"

  • "Forget for the moment the greater purpose of giving students a liberal education and a stronger foundation in the Western intellectual tradition," we read at The New Beginning, "there is the goal of developing literacy" — Institutions of higher ed are failing their mission. "Especially Catholic colleges and universities!"

  • "If a course called 'Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame' doesn't perfectly encapsulate the woeful state of American higher education, then I don't know what does," writes Christian Tappe — Pop College.

  • Leonard Franchi reviews a book he calls a "rediscovery of a venerable tradition in education [that] challenges much of the utilitarian and career-focussed dynamic which marks much of the modern academy and sets out a programme of study designed to introduce young minds to the received wisdom and cultural inheritance of the West" — Why Choose the Liberal Arts?
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