Thursday, November 4, 2010

Between Allah and Jesus: What Christians Can Learn from Muslims

FrontPage Magazine's William Kilpatrick doesn't buy Peter Kreeft's thesis from his new book "that Islam has great and deep resources of morality and sanctity that should inspire us and shame us and prod us to admiration and imitation" — Christian Misunderstanders of Islam. (Neither does Abbey Roads' Terry Nelson, who brought the article to our attention — Peter Kreeft on Islam: WTF?)

For this blogger, it was living in Malaysia and witnessing Islam's "great and deep resources of morality and sanctity" that inspired me and shamed me and prodded me to admiration and imitation and finally conversion to the True Faith. I, too, "believe that traditional Americans and traditional Muslims are natural allies because both are religiously and socially conservative, and share many of the same values," but not "that the surest way to patch up relations with Islam is for Westerners to return to more wholesome habits." Returning to a more wholesome foreign policy is the way to patch up relations with Islam.

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