Monday, November 29, 2010

Behind the Scenes

  • "America’s relations with the rest of the world will never be the same," says Justin Raimondo of "[t]he secret history of US diplomacy revealed by WikiLeaks" — The Big Dump. He says "the smokiest gun to come out of all this material appears to be held by Hillary Clinton," whose "intelligence-gathering diktat to our embassies worldwide, uncovered by WikiLeaks, has shocked the international community with its weird insistence on collecting biometric data – including DNA samples, iris scans and fingerprints – on foreign officials."

  • "The FBI is obviously quite pleased with itself over its arrest of a 19-year-old Somali-American, Mohamed Osman Mohamud," writes Glenn Greenwald, "who -- with months of encouragement, support and money from the FBI's own undercover agents -- allegedly attempted to detonate a bomb at a crowded Christmas event in Portland, Oregon" — The FBI Successfully Thwarts Its Own Terrorist Plot. The author suggests that it may well "be the case that the FBI -- as they've done many times in the past -- found some very young, impressionable, disaffected, hapless, aimless, inept loner; created a plot it then persuaded/manipulated/entrapped him to join, essentially turning him into a Terrorist; and then patted itself on the back once it arrested him for having thwarted a 'Terrorist plot' which, from start to finish, was entirely the FBI's own concoction."

  • "Sometimes a story brings an era into focus, and that story now is the saga of fake Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour," says Charles Glass of the man "was ostensibly a senior Taliban official [with whom] American bureaucrats thought they were negotiating" — U.S. Intelligence Falls for Make-Believe Mullah. "It is not clear whether the U.S. officials pulled the hoaxer’s beard to make sure it was real. No one has said he had the full-body scan that American travelers endure."
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