Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where Have All the Protesters Gone?'s editor, self-described "conservative-paleo-libertarian" Justin Raimondo, asks — Whatever Happened to the Antiwar Movement? "It’s vanished! Gone! Evaporated like morning mist!," he exclaims, suggesting, "Never in the history of politics has a movement retreated faster and more completely – but in this case, it was a voluntary retreat, an act of self-abolition."

While "George W. Bush was the perfect hate object" and "his neoconservative advisers were almost caricatures of evil," Mr. Raimondo notes, "now there’s a new warmonger in town, a new Caesar who is not quite such an easy target." He later reports, "At a recent 'antiwar conference' held in Buffalo, New York, which was dominated and largely organized by a Trotskyist group known as Socialist Action, the participants voted to pour their energy into building the October 2nd pro-Obama demonstration recently held in Washington, D.C., which dubbed itself 'One Nation Working Together.'"

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