Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Are North Koreans Saying About the Heir Apparent?

"People are saying things like ‘He indulges in foreign movies and all sorts of delicacies at every available opportunity,’ ‘He is vicious just like his father,’ ‘He is the son of a second wife,’ and so on," reports Shin Joo Hyun's "source from North Hamkyung Province" — Public Annoyance Continues, Targets Kim Jong Eun.

"Kim Jong-il grew up to become a tyrant and Kim Jong-un is also a scoundrel who relies on his father's power to do whatever he wants," said the "senior defector" quoted in this story — How N.Koreans Feel About Their 3 Generations of Leaders. He continued, "The distrust North Koreans feel toward Kim Jong-il will turn into animosity toward Jong-un, who is said to be just like his father."

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